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Tis the Season for Stress

All I want for Christmas is time with those I love without the pressure and obligation of gifts. Holidays. Business. Marketing. Things. Expectations. Pressure. Don't get me wrong, I love giving people gifts. It makes me feel good to see them smile. However, when it is expected all of the joy of giving is lost.… Continue reading Tis the Season for Stress

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W.T.H. – People & Pets

I am so sick and tired of hearing people 'yell' at their dog by saying their name. Their name does not mean No, Stop, Knock It Off or anything else. It is simply their name. When you say their name it means give me your attention or look at me. People need to stop reprimanding… Continue reading W.T.H. – People & Pets

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Sounds like someone I know…

That person. You know the one. Who lives in their own world. Oblivious to suffering and challenges of those around them. Much less disasters taking place in the state, nation or world-wide. A part of me is angry with them for how oblivious they are. Another part is jealous. Imagine how much stress they are… Continue reading Sounds like someone I know…

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Not My Choice via Samsung Galaxy

Today I have been overcome by irritation. I am annoyed. This person is someone who values appearance and perception more than honesty and integrity. While spending the afternoon with at a gathering this person continued to talk over people, interrupt and correct them. It has always been this way, but some days I have a… Continue reading Not My Choice via Samsung Galaxy


Punctuality Pet Peeves

Punctuality is important - IMPORTANT! It is a sign of respect. It shows others that you value their time. It is something that I don't think a lot of people recognize as being more than "on time." I cannot stand when people make me wait for more than 5 or 10 minutes. Tardiness is not… Continue reading Punctuality Pet Peeves