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New England

This August Taylor and I went to New England to visit my folks. It was her first time on an airplane since she was one and a half. Due to how young she was, she really doesn't remember it. Ever since Tay learned that we would be going to visit Papa and Grandma she has… Continue reading New England

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Badger Youth Camp 2018

In July Taylor attended her first overnight camp without a family member being a chaperone. She was surrounded by children, away from home and was determined to cause trouble. This is something I always wanted to do when I was a kid. I dreamed of meeting my twin just like in the original Parent Trap… Continue reading Badger Youth Camp 2018

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Snippets of Denver & Westminster

On my most recent trip out to Colorado I was able to arrive a day early! This was wonderful because I spent time with my brother and meandering about with my camera. I ended up doing more relaxing and living in the moment than taking pictures. Honestly the weather was beautiful (aside from one hour… Continue reading Snippets of Denver & Westminster

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You feel as light as air, as free as the waves. A bird flies past, its feathers barely touching your arm. A plane flies above your head, people are watching from down below. As the wind blows you to the city, you feel heavy, though the view is spectacular. You begin to cry, not of… Continue reading Clouds

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Point Beach State Forest

Camping is our families way of disconnecting from everyday life and reconnecting with each other. Recently we went to Point Beach State Forest, located right outside of Two Rivers, WI. Originally we were going to spend the weekend on Madeline Island, but due to recent storms and flooding we made the decision to go somewhere… Continue reading Point Beach State Forest

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Magical Moments

This June while in Denver, I went to the Tattered Cover Bookstore on 16th Street. It ended up being my own piece of heaven here on earth. Something was different, special if you will. Something about the way the staff member each wrote a note and recommendations on some of the books. The worn and… Continue reading Magical Moments

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Insignificant Significance

As the waves break against the shore, Lake Michigan reminds me of how small I am and how vast the world is. The sound overpowers everything else. I am unable to hear anything - even my own thoughts. That is what I love about nature. This is the escape I crave. As I sit and… Continue reading Insignificant Significance