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The Bullet Journal

It has happened. I am Bullet Journalling. For those of you who have not yet heard about this fad let me explain. It is basically a single notebook that is a notebook, planner and to do list all in one. It contains - EVERYTHING, well everything you decide to put in it.  It is personalizable so that… Continue reading The Bullet Journal

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Posing Workshop

At the beginning of January I attended a seminar and workshop called The Art & Science of Posing by Pierre Stephenson. He is the author of Foundations of Posing: A Comprehensive Guide for Wedding and Portrait Photographers. I signed up because I wanted to gain more insight on not only how to pose people, but… Continue reading Posing Workshop

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Late night texts. Pushin' product, Neighbors, friends and fam. Notes in shorthand. Parking lot drops. Stack of cash. Customers hiding their habit. Kid working the street, drumming up business. Watching the stash. Addicted. Maintaining inventory, Can't run low. Peddlin' round the clock. She be hustlin'. Street cred. Serious business, these Girl Scout Cookies.

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Door County

Four years of marriage. Seven years of love. Feels like only a moment and forever at the same time. Nick and I decided to take a long weekend and getaway from the daily grind. Spending quality time with each other was our goal. We felt like the best way to do this was to leave… Continue reading Door County

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She be Sellin’

Taylor is in her third year of Girl Scouts! This year she wanted to make a higher cookie goal and crush it. I love her determination. Day one we spent 2 hours going door to door in our neighborhood. Yes, that sounds like a lot - however - we only made it around the block… Continue reading She be Sellin’

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So each year hordes of people make resolutions. The vow to better themselves and make drastic changes because, well it is a new year after all! Although I am writing this at the beginning of February, I made my resolution in January. Sharing this goal is important to me because I feel that by knowing… Continue reading Resolution

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Taylor’s Voice

This page will be devoted to my daughter's: stories, thoughts, poems, reviews and experiences. Everything will be told in her voice without direction from me. As a budding adolescent who would like to express herself and spread her wings I am allowing her some freedom to put herself out into the world (in moderation and… Continue reading Taylor’s Voice