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The New Normal (long read)

ITransverse Myelitis is an experience that I would not wish on anyone I have truly learned so much in the last two years. I am a better person because of it. I think that TM has really allowed me the time to slow down, stop and look at myself - who I truly am -… Continue reading The New Normal (long read)

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Boston: Architecture

Here is my final post about Boston for 2017. I hope you have enjoyed the mini series. Wow. Just Wow. Boston has some gorgeous old buildings. I enjoyed seeing all of the wrought iron, cobblestone, bricks and detail work. The old lamp posts were pretty cute too. However, I was not a fan of walking… Continue reading Boston: Architecture

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Boston: Salem

Yes, I know that Salem is not located in Boston. However, the series is titled Boston and this is about the time I spent in Salem while on the trip, so bear with me. I ended up going to Salem twice during my trip. The first time was in the evening and we didn't arrive… Continue reading Boston: Salem

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Boston: The People

One thing I was really looking forward too while in Boston was hearing people talk in the stereotypical Boston accent. Silly I know, but I find it entertaining. I was quite disappointed to find that Boston has become such a melting pot that finding a true Bostonian accent is like finding a needle in a… Continue reading Boston: The People

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Boston: Food

One thing that brings me so much pleasure is food. I LOVE trying different foods. When I travel I like to make sure I get a variety of things that I do not normally eat. So being from Wisconsin while I was in Massachusetts I wanted to enjoy a plethora of seafood. So that I… Continue reading Boston: Food

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Boston: The Beginning & Uber

I went to Massachusetts on a business trip. Having only been to New York City and Staten IslandĀ  on the East Coast this was an adventure! As with any of my trips, big or small, I have a handful of stories that I would like to share. My plan is to break them down into… Continue reading Boston: The Beginning & Uber

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Believe in Music

Three songs that pop into my head when I hear the word believe: I believe I can fly....I believe I can touch the sky...I think about it every night and day... Don't stop believin'....Hold on to that feelin'... Do you believe in life after love...I feel something inside me say...I really don't think you'reĀ strong enough...… Continue reading Believe in Music