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Believe in Music

Three songs that pop into my head when I hear the word believe: I believe I can fly....I believe I can touch the sky...I think about it every night and day... Don't stop believin'....Hold on to that feelin'... Do you believe in life after love...I feel something inside me say...I really don't think you're strong enough...… Continue reading Believe in Music

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Proud Moments via Samsung Galaxy

If you have read my post Limbo you know that I struggle with taking time out for myself. The second problem I have is that when I do take time for myself I generally do not enjoy it to the max because I feel guilty about not being present for my family. This is something I have… Continue reading Proud Moments via Samsung Galaxy

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Stirrin’ Up Some Trouble

Last Sunday was a day spent in the kitchen making memories. Taylor and I made multiple batches of cupcakes and frosting from scratch. We love cooking, baking and tasting everything we make! New recipes are our favorite way to connect. Plus when we bake we love to freeze some of our goodies for a lazy… Continue reading Stirrin’ Up Some Trouble

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First Senior Portrait Session

Oh what a day...late September back in '17...what a very special day for me.... Sorry, great song and it seemed to fit perfectly! Anyways, thank you for visiting my blog. This post is both exciting and terrifying for me. I had my first Senior Portrait session! As I am a budding photographer (mostly hobbyist), but… Continue reading First Senior Portrait Session

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If I Would Have Known…

If I could give a list to my younger self...although in all honesty I probably wouldn't have listened anyways. Don't get so busy making everyone around you happy that you forget to make yourself happy. It is not your job to fix everyone's problems It is okay to say 'No' and not over extend yourself… Continue reading If I Would Have Known…

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Under the Surface

The TRIGGER. It brings buried experiences to the surface. I know it's not you. It's me. It wasn't you. It was him. It happened so long ago. My body remembers. I recognize my physical reaction is not 'normal'. I react subconsciously, less often than before. You're different. I talk myself through it. It takes a… Continue reading Under the Surface

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I Date My Husband via Samsung Galaxy

Yes, it is true. Even though my husband and I are married and have been for a few years we still continue to date. We set aside one night a month to go out just the two of us , kid-free. Not only does this help us to get out of the house and take… Continue reading I Date My Husband via Samsung Galaxy

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Livin’ in Color

My wonderful almost 9-year-old has A LOT of personality. She shows it through stories, art and dance. This year she has been wanting to show it through her hair. Earlier in the Spring she got one streak of a blue-ish teal and LOVED it. Pictured below. So when she asked to have rainbow hair we… Continue reading Livin’ in Color

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Guilty Cafe via Samsung Galaxy

With many new restaurants I try to give them a few chances before I form an opinion about them. So when a new cafe opened in Waunakee and was on the news talking about their sweets I knew I had to make it a point to visit and check it out. After three visits here… Continue reading Guilty Cafe via Samsung Galaxy

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Criminally Cute

The 8th Annual DeForest Public Safety Family Fun Night (quite a mouthful) was a fun learning experience for Taylor and a great mother-daughter night. The last few years we have missed this event due to dance and my illness. I am so glad we were able to make it this year. What a great event!… Continue reading Criminally Cute