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Some people’s kids

Today I am flying from Wisconsin to Massachusetts for work. I don’t travel for work often, but when I do I truly enjoy it. Unfortunately, out of Madison there are not a ton of options for flight times; so they end up leaving very early in the morning or landing very late at night. Because I have a hard time unwinding after a flight I generally opt for the earlier flights, especially in the winter because I worry about delays and cancellations. This ended up working in my favor since Boston is supposed to get 6-10 inches of snow tonight.

Anyways, ever since I arrived at the airport at 4 am this morning I started noticing very odd behavior. While I was waiting quietly for my flight, I was surrounded by groups of strangers in our small airport. They were all ages and dressed in everything from shorts to business suits. Everyone was chipper and chatty. There were smiles and laughter all around me. How incredibly disturbing! So much so, that I remembered that the last time I was awake at 3:30 am – 10 years ago when I was breastfeeding. The time before that, I was walking home from a party on campus; probably my sophomore year in college – 12 years ago. Since both of these events I have become much older and wiser. Now I prefer to be in a cozy bed, peacefully sleeping at this ungodly hour. I am still baffled when I think of these individuals being social and pleasant at four in the morning. Who does that??

Well, a couple of hours later when the plane touches down in Newark, NJ the flight attendant makes an interesting announcement. “Ladies and Gentlemen, we had a very special passenger on our flight today. In row 12 we had Princess Aimee with us for her first flight! Can we get a round of applause?” Of course everyone claps. I turn to my seat mate and say that I have never gotten a public round of applause on an airplane for all the years my family has called me princess. He got a good chuckle. So I proceed to look up where Princess Aimee is from – thank you Google. Guess what! She is 41 years old and is officially known as Aimee of Orange-Nassau, van Vollenhoven-Sohngen! How cool right?! So I begin to ponder what she is doing on a United aircraft and how she got to Madison, Wisconsin without ever having flown before… a ship maybe? I mean, she is loaded (Princess, need I say more?). As my sleep deprived brain is about to leave the plane I ask the flight attendant what country Princess Aimee is from (so I have my facts right when I tell my family who was on my flight). She looks at me slightly confused, but keeping a plastic smile on her face and trying not to laugh she explains that it was a little girl’s first flight – not a real princess. BAM in that very moment my dreams were crushed and I was mildly embarrassed. Not a real princess.

As I walk out of the airport, feeling let down, I step into the balmy 40 degree weather. Everyone is bundling up – coat, hat, scarf, mittens… I glance around confused slightly by their behavior. I continue walking towards the pick-up area while I remove my gloves, scarf and coat. During the ten minutes that I wait for my Uber I take in the BEAUTIFUL weather in my sweater and yoga pants. I cannot get over my good luck! Yet, whenever I take a peek at those near me, they are huddled in little clusters pulling their coats and arms tightly around themselves. When my driver pulls up and takes my luggage he gives me an unsure look. After I climb into the backseat he inquires if I am feeling alright. I tell him yes, I feel fantastic! He questions why I am not properly dressed for the weather. I chuckle and tell him that it is practically hot outside at 40 degrees. I just left -9 degree temperatures and I am enjoying the warm air. I also joke that if it stays this nice all week that maybe I can work on my tan. He looks thoroughly confused as he drives me to my hotel.

What can I say – I am from Wisconsin!

After checking into my hotel I spent the afternoon with my dad walking around the North End. My dad was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. What can I say? Great minds think for themselves, but know that 40 degrees and sunshine is nice weather!

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