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Why can’t I blog?

Blogs. Blogging. Blogger. Savoring Life’s Moments has been my blog for a couple years now. My interest and desire in sharing stories, ideas, thoughts and opinions have not lessened since I began. However, the frequency in which I post has damn near diminished.

Honestly, I want to blog and I regularly think about all the things that I could blog about. The possibilities are endless, pretty much infinite. There are even five or six blog posts that I have started and remain as drafts on my site or in my notebook. For some reason, after I start to write a post I am suddenly at a loss for words. For those of you that know me, you understand that this alone is a crazy and remarkable thing. I am rarely without things to say. My virtual voice becoming quiet and having a lack of words can happen immediately after thinking about all the things I have to say on any given topic. I will have all these sentences in my head, ready to share with the world, then after I begin to write or type – poof – all my thoughts and ideas are gone. Every witty or well articulated opinion I had about any and everything is MIA.

I like writing my blog posts and yet, lately I cannot get the motivation or energy to do so. At some point it seems like so much effort to begin writing because if I start to write about the here and now, then what about all those other things that I started and never finished. They are still topics or events that I want to share and write about. It bothers me when I post things out of chronological order, although I am pretty sure no one cares since reading a blog is not akin to reading a book. I guess I worry that if I continue on without completing those partially finished posts that maybe I will develop a bad habit or be doing it wrong. My damn anxiety and perfectionism gets to me and I shut down and do nothing, which honestly never posting is worse than posting out of order.

After a lull I feel guilty and less motivated because I know that I have dropped the ball. It requires so much more effort to pick it up again. This is so ridiculous because I know that once I start writing again and just ‘let it go’ that I will be happier. There are so many things that contribute to my lack of blog posting, but I feel like many are excuses. I’ve been busy with selling our house, finding a home, working, packing, being present for my family, etc. It’s not like I haven’t had a moment here or there to do this, but I have chosen to spend that time on watching the sunset, snuggling the dog, watching an episode on tv or just plain out vegging on Facebook.

Until next time…