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Let’s talk

For generations conversations have been avoided. If it can make someone uncomfortable  it was not discussed. Topics such as: sex, aids, stds, rape, suicide, even money in some families were taboo. But these things are happening all around us. 

After brining up the television series, 13 Reasons Why with someone who played a large part in raising me I became very frustrated after having the conversation be dismissed.  They told me that the show was too difficult to watch. Although it is not an action thriller nor a comedy, it is an important show to watch. Important for adults to watch whether or not they have children. Important for parents to watch both on their own and with their children once they reach a certain age.

The thing that got under my skin most about this conversation was this person told me they couldn’t bear to watch the show because it was too much. She was right there are some scenes that are very powerful, intense and can feel like too much. At moments it hits close to home on many levels. Yet, this is the reality that people children face everyday. Kids are growing up dealing with these topics every single day. Women are stigmatized, labeled and bullied with labels surrounding sex all the time. Not ignoring and pretending rape isn’t happening is what the #MeToo movement is about. Hard topics need to be brought into the limelight. Talking about issues that are difficult to talk about is so incredibly important.

So many things I wanted to say at that moment, but I let it drop. It was not the time for that conversation. Or at least that is how this person raised me. Later I realized maybe it should have been the time to discuss the issue because by waiting I was doing exactly what they had taught me to do – avoid uncomfortable topics.

Society needs to stop shying away from uncomfortable topics, talk about them and take away their power. This is not the answer, but it is a good starting place.