My Wonderful World

March 2nd, 2020

It’s about that time again. Life is still pretty wonderful. We moved a couple hours north into a smaller house, which is more than perfect for our little family. The neighborhood we live in is older and embraces the outdoors. Happiness is around us with an ever curious child crafting and exploring the world. A sweet puppy who enjoys a fenced in yard and all the smells. My trusty coffee mug that keeps me company while I watch a beautiful family of deer wake up and graze on the backside of our fence in the morning. An ever supportive husband who give me all the love. A fantastic job that keeps challenging me to learn and grow with phenomenal co-workers. My only complaint about them is that they do not live closer. Friends and family a short drive or a phone call away. Although life is never perfect I think we have it pretty damn good. Just in case you think this is too bright and cheery for you, I promise my blog is not always this sunny. However, when your heart soars…let it!

September 4th, 2018

It has been almost a year and a half since I started this blog. Honestly the first year I wrote and posted significantly more than I have recently. This blog was intended to be an outlet for my thoughts and frustrations while navigating life as an individual recovering from Transverse Myelitis, a mother and a wife. I wanted to get my thoughts and feelings out there – similar to a virtual journal, except that I would be reaching others. As time went on I became more aware and conscious of what I was writing. Many times drafts would not be published and I would feel discouraged. Other times I would have amusing and entertaining blog post ideas and banter while I was walking or driving, however, when it came time to put ink to pad or fingers to keyboard – POOF – they were gone or somehow less than before. Less funny. Less intelligent. Less meaningful. Less powerful. Just less. I am going to try and work on that – to eliminate those self-deprecating thoughts and filters. There will always be someone who is more well spoken (or written in this case), smarter, funnier or expressive. Differing views will forever be present. Not letting these things hold me back  is important.  So onward I will go on this journey of self discovery and expression. You are welcome to come along for the ride.

May 16th, 2017

I have recently been inspired to blog by a good friend of mine; well actually she was my very first friend that I made in college. I enjoy reading her blog. It makes me feel like we just caught up on the phone and I am up to date with all the exciting things that are going on in her life. Writing has not always been my strong suit, but DON’T fret because I have a ton of fabulous stories to tell. Some will be entertaining and others will keep you up to date with the happenings (or lack there of) in my life. Photography is one of my passions that tends to lead me on many adventures. I am learning new angles, styles and techniques via trial and error mainly. On occasion I will dive into YouTube tutorials for hours on end without coming up for air.

As I am sitting here writing this – ere typing this – I am feeling both excited for a new outlet for my creativity and terrified of potentially committing to another fleeting interest. In the past I have journal-ed, but after a few weeks I am no longer invested. I am hoping that having an audience per se will keep me engaged, but only time will tell. I apologize ahead of time if this is short lived and I leave you craving more tales and mishaps. As much as I have thought about this; sitting here on a perfect night (thunderstorms, of course) I am jittery and have a lack of words.

Over the past weekend Taylor (our daughter) and I took an adventure to the Farmer’s Market on the Capitol Square. It is one of our favorite past times. We wake up, throw on the first thing we can reach, even if we don’t match, and head out the door. First stop is always coffee because let’s be real, I cannot function without my daily cup-o-joe. Michelangelo’s Coffee House on State Street is where I got my fix. It is an artsy cafe on State street filled with art, newspapers and journal clippings. This is a place that a writer could be inspired (I may have to test out my theory). Then it is on to sugary sweets for breakfast. The local farmer’s market is where fresh baked goods are abundant. Our poison of the day was giant sugar cookies and cinnamon rolls. People watching is a must as we stroll with the herd of people, feeling a bit like cattle. Boo Bradley was downtown with his one man band entertaining the children and passersby with his ensemble of sounds and folksy songs. Lastly before we head out Taylor loves to run up the Capitol steps and slide down. Please note the smooth slip on shoes she picked out just for this reason.

Thanks so much for reading! Until next time…