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To Post or not to Post for that is the Question

Lately I have been very busy, overwhelmingly so. When I take on special projects at work it tends to eat up my home time throwing my work/life balance through a loop. Honestly some of it is the time, but most of it is the energy. At the end of the day I now have less time and energy to:

  • Be an attentive parent
  • Keep up on household responsibilities
  • Maintain a healthy relationship with my spouse
  • Do things for myself (read, write, take pictures, study)

This leads to a predicament. When I do have free time I have to decide how to spend it and 99% of the time it will go towards my daughter or my husband, followed by the household duties. On the off-chance that I decide to do something for myself I have a hard time writing blog posts because it has been so long since I last posted. Also I feel very disconnected and unmotivated. It is hard to organize my thoughts and feelings when there are so many things that I would like to put out there.

The post I wrote about a local protest (Rally and Protest) in January, was an internal struggle for me. I wrote, edited and re-wrote it multiple times. I had so much to say and many opinions on the matter. BUT I was afraid of the comments I would get. I was worried about how my friends and family would react to the post since I am close with people who are on both sides of the topic. I did not have the energy to defend my thoughts on the subject so I changed the entire post to be an observation piece rather than an opinion piece.

By doing this I felt like I was compromising my beliefs and integrity. I like my blog to be honest and transparent. When I did not write my true feelings, it felt as if I was hiding something. It really bothers me that this is something I struggled with and I intend on not letting the judgement of others dissuade me from using this outlet to the fullest extent.

What helps you decide how much of your opinions to share? How do you handle any repercussions from your blog posts?

2 thoughts on “To Post or not to Post for that is the Question

  1. I struggle with similar issues…but recently I decided that I was not going to let other people’s discomfort inhibit me. I even posted it to my blog as a daily reminder. It works, but not all the time (baby steps and all that)…so. I post as respectfully as I can, and welcome comments. I am the moderator of comments so if an attacking one appears, I can deny it or block it. A negative one is fine (difference of opinion is after all the point of dialogue) as long as it’s written in a non-attacking way.

    It takes time to get used to new comfort zones. 🙂

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    1. It is reassuring to know that I am not the only one who struggles with this problem. I should try harder to keep in mind that it is okay to provoke thought and conversation with differing viewpoints, but to simply block a comment if it is an attack on me.

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