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The Kid-Sense

Scarier than the Sixth-Sense…

Why is it that parents are needed ONLY at the most inopportune times?

My husband and I can easily be doing nothing or at least nothing of importance. However, the second either one of us needs to cook, take a call or use the restroom – BOOM – it happens. Out of nowhere our daughter “needs” us. (I also want to note she is almost 9)

Let me clarify what “needs”  can be:

  • To tell us a never-ending story that cannot wait
  • To help find a missing doll shoe
  • To ask us what to do because she is sooo bored
  • To ask for a snack that she is capable of getting herself

As you can see these needs, I mean wants are things that must be immediately handled. They cannot wait. They are very clearly Life or Death scenarios.

How is it that kids can tell exactly when you cannot be interrupted and strategically plan the best way to swoop in and disrupt whatever it is you are doing in 2 seconds flat?

They must have magical powers. All I can say is it is a good thing I love my little monster.