W.T.H. – People & Pets

I am so sick and tired of hearing people ‘yell’ at their dog by saying their name. Their name does not mean No, Stop, Knock It Off or anything else. It is simply their name. When you say their name it means give me your attention or look at me.

People need to stop reprimanding with their pet’s name and instead give them the command or instruction to follow. An example would be: Stop, No, Off or Down. This way your pet knows what you would like it to do. By being clear with your request the dog is way more likely to do as they are asked (assuming the command has been introduced before). In turn the owner would be less crabby because they are getting better results. This also allows the pet to associate their name with positive experiences.

Let’s take a second to put this into perspective. Just like a person. If I simply said my daughter’s name in various tones she would have no fucking idea of what I was asking. She may be able to guess if it was in love, exasperation or irritation based on the tone and situational context; however, she would not know a direction to follow.

For example if I say her name in a harsh tone it could mean: I am busy and she must be patient, she needs to be quiet or speak up, she needs to follow directions, she needs to stop what she is doing, etc. There is not any clear instruction for her to follow. Then to make matters more complicated saying her name in my normal voice without it could mean ANYTHING. It could mean: please clear your plate, I love you, do your homework, go play or it’s time for school. That is why every language out there has multiple words. USE THEM!

**end rant**


2 thoughts on “W.T.H. – People & Pets

  1. Your point is well taken, but as someone who has had dogs their entire life ( I’m 57 and currently have four, black labs) I have learned that while they respond to practiced commands, they also respond to tone of voice and understand when you are pleased or not. Just ask any dog and they will tell you that obedience class is more for the human than the canine. 🐾🐾

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my post! Dogs can definitely read tone and body language, I absolutely agree. My issue is they can’t always disern which behavior they are partaking in thats is eliciting that response from the human. I also agree obedience class is for training the pet owner. 🐶

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