Anxiety · Complaints · Self-Care


I can’t stand it when I make simple stupid mistakes. Like this morning for instance. I was so proud of myself for getting us out the door on time (we had a two hour drive to see my sister and get our hair done), but then…I was happy, singing and all of a sudden driving on auto-pilot. DISTRACTED. I had a major ADHD moment.

I all of a sudden I was way past my exit and almost to the Dells. The next exit was 14 miles ahead. Traffic was heavy. I thought about doing a u-turn in the median. Then I thought about my bad luck and how I didn’t need a ticket.

Instantly I had self-deprecating and demeaning thoughts. I’m stupid, I’m a failure, I always make mistakes…and on and on. I slowly started pulling my crabby self together. Reminding myself that perfection doesn’t exist. This was just a mistake. I had to talk through out loud. I had to do this because Taylor has the same terrible knee jerk reaction when she makes a mistake. I wanted her to see that an error does not define a person.

This mistake created a detour. The detour ended up costing us just over thirty minutes, stress and extra miles. Not a huge deal, but enough.