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Not My Choice via Samsung Galaxy

Today I have been overcome by irritation. I am annoyed. This person is someone who values appearance and perception more than honesty and integrity.

While spending the afternoon with at a gathering this person continued to talk over people, interrupt and correct them. It has always been this way, but some days I have a harder time letting it go.

Not only does this person “know” everything, but they refuse relinquish control of the conversation. They are always the center of attention. Today they “knew” Spanish. (Knowing hola, bano and despacito is not knowing a language- please note I am not bilingual, but I also do not pretend to be.)

This is someone who has many personas pending the situation at hand and will blatantly lie when called out.

Many days I recognize how exhausting it must be always pretending. Most times I feel sorry for them. Generally I try to recognize this is the best they can do. I pity that they are so insecure that they feel the need to manipulate their identity pending the situation they find them-self in.

Today, however, I cannot smile and pretend that it is okay. It is not normal to behave this way. It is not acceptable to treat people you care about like this. Today I politely called them out. I spoke up, if only for a moment so they knew I did not believe their facade. Today I walked away when I could take no more. Today I was not patient or understanding. Today I let them get to me.