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Tough Love

I am a very sympathetic person. I feel things very deeply. Even things that do not personally affect me. I can literally hurt for someone I have never met.

I generally see or at least try to see both sides of each situation. I keep in mind how there are always unseen circumstances to each and every observer.

With that being said – I do have a limit (as I am sure everyone does). I can only sympathize for an extended period of time before it all dissolves. This usually happens when I feel like a person is complaining about a situation without putting in an ounce of effort to make a change.

At some point we all have to be accountable for our choices and situations. Even if unforeseen circumstances put us there we can still try to push forward. This is coming from someone who has been beyond down on their luck many times. I have been in unsafe relationships, used food stamps and needed state healthcare. Without the help of family and the determination to make a change my situations would not have improved.

I will always sympathize with those who are doing their best. My heart knows no other way.

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