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Creative Kidface

Even though last week was technically Spring Break to keep our routine and sanity I hosted a relaxed learning week. More time was spent reading Tom Sawyer on the couch and discussing life. We watched The Hate You Give and discussed many of the injustices blacks are faced with today. The compassion and understanding our eleven-year-old shows us never ceases to amaze me.

Taylor received her first Mel Chemistry set in the mail this week as well. It is a monthly subscription kit to introduce kids to various experiments at home. She absolutely loved it! I also found her to be quite adorable in the safety goggles and gloves. We are looking forward to what will come next month.

One art project we did was inspired by the Happy Heart Hunt. This was a wonderful three hour project. We talked and laughed while we cut out hearts. I feel like this gave us the opportunity to talk and bond in a very low pressure situation. While we were taping our design to the window there was a moment of Uh Oh! The word LOVE was facing us…it was backwards to everyone walking by. So very carefully we removed and flipped the hearts.

Kidface is so creative. When she saw the pile of wood on the front lawn a light bulb went on. Off to the pile she went. As I watched out the window I see her pull a long branch, complete with multiple little branches off the pile. It appears to be the size of a small tree. Tay dragged it across the hard before I was able to holler at her to leave it there while laughing. I made her explain to me what she wanted to do with it. Excitedly she spewed out her plans to make a real bow and arrow! The light in her eyes was magical and it was impossible not to be caught up in her enthusiasm.

I like to encourage her to be creative and follow her heart. My goal is to give her the same confidence my dad instilled in me. “You can do anything you put your mind to. Big or small. There is nothing you cannot do as long as you try.”

So I produced a had saw and we took to the hard. I showed her how to use it safely and she went to town. Off went the little branches and nubbs from her main branch. Smaller stiff branches were selected and cut to size for arrows as well. When she had everything she needed we took to the house. Taylor grabbed her pocket knife and went out on the deck to shape and widdle her loot. After an hour or so she became cold and came inside.

The next morning she bundled up and was back at it. A couple hours later she was asking us for string. Nick hooked her up and they tested out her creation. Kidface had made a bow and arrow that shoots and everything! So proud of her. I could not imagine ever stifling her creativity.