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Mermaid Transformation

When I was a little girl, I had many daydreams about all the things I wished I could be. At the top of the list was princess, superstar, and mermaid. As I aged, I put those childish fantasies aside. However, recently my daughters best friend came over to swim and brought with her a mermaid tail. It looked like so much fun! I was able to give it a test run with her sister’s tail to see if I could swim with one on – being 1.5 legged and all. It was hard, but I could do it. I was so excited that I decided to pull the trigger and order a tail and matching swimsuit from FinFun.

It is one of the most ridiculous purchases I have ever done, even my bank called to make sure it was my purchase and that my card was not stolen. Such a funny conversation…yes, it was me…I want to be a mermaid. A good laugh for sure. Although it made me feel a little ‘extra’ I am so glad I pulled the trigger! Not only did the suit and tail make the kid in me jump for joy, but I feel pretty, fun and magical while wearing it. The green tail covering I ordered ended up being a little loose and sliding down while swimming. So, I ordered a second tail covering one size down.

So basically, the fin has two fabric holes you slip your feet into and then the fabric cover (not necessary, but super fun) slides up and keeps your knees together while making you look the part. I still have to focus on keeping my knees together and bending my left knee in conjunction with my right because I do not have a left foot in the fin. I am also going to try and add a little bit of weight to the fin on the left side, so it does not twist sideways as much while I swim.

Swimming like a mermaid is exhilarating and a lot of work. I enjoy the exercise and how it works different muscle groups. Plus, it is a lot of fun which makes it not ‘feel’ like a workout! Just another way this below knee amputee is living life to the fullest! If you are someone who always worries about IF you would be able to do something, my advice to you is to try and try again. The most common thing that holds people back is their self-doubt. The human body is amazing and can do incredible things if you let it. Even if you have to make modifications, doing something a little different is always better than doing nothing at all!

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