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Little Things

Per the usual I have been taking note of all the little everyday things that give me a moment of joy. This is happening more so now that I am less mobile (at least for the near future). I am really taking the time to be present and smell the roses. While doing so I have learned something nifty that I wish I had known years ago. Now, before you read on Please don’t judge or knock it until you try it. I have been shaving my legs since I was maybe eleven or twelve. Realistically I probably didn’t ‘need’ too until I was thirteen or fourteen, but it was so grown up and I begged my mom to let me. Little did I know at the time, but it would not stay fun for more than that summer. Reality is always a bitch. Now because I am special I have always had bumps while my hair tried to grow back. Apparently my leg hair is not aware of me being an over-achiever because it did not do a great job. This has forever been a pain in my butt, most likely karma for my shenanigans during my tween and teen years. Well apparently once you become an amputee it is not advised to shave or wax your residual limb. This is because when you have socks and liners on it creates a moist and warm environment. Shaving causes tiny scratches and potentially ingrown hairs. These imperfections in the tropical environment creates the perfect breeding area for bacteria and infection. Fun right? So apparently there are many amputees that 1- do nothing and eventually the hair stops growing there due to friction. 2- pay for laser hair removal $$$. 3- trim their Sasquatch legs with an electric trimmer (typically used for buzzing ones head or beard).

So since having leg hair year round sounded too European for me and I am too cheap for laser hair removal; I opted for the trimmer. Wowza, it is uh-freakin-mazing!! Let me explain how this changed my life and how I wish this knowledge could have been bestowed upon me two decades ago! You can do it while dressed, or not. You can watch tv or talk on the phone or to your kid at the same time. No need to worry about your hair if you were in a rush and forgot while in the shower because water is no longer necessary. Takes way less time! No more accidental cuts and getting blood on a towel or outfit because you didn’t notice it in time. By far the most wonderful thing about it is … NO bumps! Seriously, this has been life changing.

So right now I am limited to anything I can do on the floor or in my wheel chair until April 26th. This has been such a huge challenge, but folding laundry while sitting in the middle of the bed has become relaxing in a way. It allows me to feel like I am still able to accomplish something and care for my family. The last time I was sorting and folding laundry I had the realization that I only need to pair my daughters socks and not my own. It is no longer necessary since I will only be wearing one at a time. Felt like a win in my books, just a little tidbit of joy.

On March 16th I had my follow-up with the surgeon (two days shy of three weeks). He let me know that everything was looking good so far. He then removed half of my staples. Surprisingly this did not hurt as much as I anticipated. I found out that I can finally sleep without wearing my ampushield Oscar. This was great news! It has been challenging to stay comfortable while having my leg secured in a splint that weighs a couple pounds. When I returned home from the doctor and let the family know all the good news.

As my husband and I climbed into bed later that night I took off my ampushield and surgical sock. I stretched out and told Nick that it was so good to be just the two of us again, three is really a crowd. He just shook his head, clearly less amused with my antics than I was. We were able to snuggle and I slipped away into dreamland. That was my best deepest sleep in quite some time. I woke up feeling like a whole new person. Life is so good when you have the freedom to bend your knee and roll around in bed while you sleep unrestricted by a splinting device.