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Madeline Island

Even though this post is a few months behind I wanted to share it because it was a wonderful weekend. At the end of June, just 2 days after hearing about Nick’s promotion, we had reservations to spend the weekend at big Bay State Park on Madeline island. We almost canceled our trip with so much to do, but instead we decided to take the weekend and connect with each other, while disconnecting from the outside world. A very important thing to do before we were overtaken with getting the house ready to sell.

It was such a relaxing weekend away. Definitely what the doctor ordered!

The drive was smooth, the ferry ride was peaceful and the island was beautiful. The only oopsie we had was the weather. And this turned out to be a good one!

We had been following the weather for Big Bay Beach. Apparently this specific location’s forecast was 15 to 20 degrees cooler than the campground or in town on the island. The beach faces lake Superior and catches lots of wind, this having lower temperatures. Who da thunk it?

The picture above was snapped literally a second before Shiva slipped into the lake. She was quite surprised! Granted it only went up to her belly, but she is not a fan of water so her face was entertaining!


So needless to say we packed for more moderate to cool temperatures and ended up with mid-to-upper ’80s. This called for a trip to an overpriced tourist shop for shorts, a swimsuit, and a dress.

The rest of our weekend was consumed with walks, swimming, games and campfires. Our only regret is that we hadn’t planned for a longer stay. Our plan is to go next summer for a week.

So, nearly three months later, I have written and edited the pictures from our trip. Oh well, better late than never!