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To Us

My husband and I just had our six year anniversary on the 23rd. We have been together for eight and a half years. Looking back on our wedding pictures from 2014 and our renewal of vows pictures from 2015 I am reminded of how much things have changed. We are both slower, rounder, less youthful, a little grayer, more wrinklier and have less hair. We are also wiser, closer and have greater appreciation for the small things. I am so glad we are on this journey together.


I am also eternally grateful that my father suggested keeping up on my sandwich making abilities. This is what separates ordinary women from extraordinary women. It helps maintain a pleasant household. Not only did the promise of top notch sandwich making find its way into our vows into 2015, but it has stuck with us. Breakfast sandwiches, lunches and snacks for the road. Oh how i love to pour my heart and soul into serving up a good double-decker for my man.


I really marvel at how far we have come as individuals, a couple and as parents. Life keeps throwing punches and we dodge and swerve as if we trained with Rocky Balboa himself. I know we will continue to learn and grow because life is never going to stop dishing out obstacles. Such a great team we make with each other.  I look forward to growing older and wrinklier with my love.


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