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Hop Along with Me

Alrighty – so let me share my plan with you! I’m going to do a couple different posts to cover the last 10 months. I want to do this because it was my first year as an amputee. There have been ups and downs, which is not entirely unexpected. They were for various reasons but most of which were not exactly for reasons I had expected. Now truthfully I should have been writing throughout the year to help me work through some of these emotions. However, when things were going good I wanted to be moving and doing things. When things were challenging and I was having a hard time physically, emotionally or otherwise; I didn’t have the energy or emotional capacity to put any of it into words – even if it would have been extremely therapeutic.

So stay with me for this journey of posts. I promise that there will be some long-winded ramblings, as well as some concise snapshots. All I can say is that in the last year I am extremely grateful to have had an amazing medical team! Starting with my surgeon, physical therapist, and prosthetist. As challenging as this last year was, I could not imagine having to go through it without a team that was so incredibly supportive and attentive. I have also been extremely lucky to have been surrounded by my friends and family, even if most of it was through the computer due to the pandemic. I’ve also been extremely lucky to have a job that has allowed me to work remotely for several years which allowed for a smooth transition when returning to work after my surgery. I also have an extremely supportive manager who made sure I had all the time and space I needed to heal and never made me feel like I needed to rush back until I was ready.

Now enough of my Oscar worthy speech onward to the juicy details in this fun little series to let you know my journey this past year. *Quick disclaimer – I may not write them in chronological order because that is not always how my brain works! Hopefully this wont drive you too crazy…