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Proud Moments via Samsung Galaxy

If you have read my post Limbo you know that I struggle with taking time out for myself. The second problem I have is that when I do take time for myself I generally do not enjoy it to the max because I feel guilty about not being present for my family. This is something I have… Continue reading Proud Moments via Samsung Galaxy

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First Senior Portrait Session

Oh what a day...late September back in '17...what a very special day for me.... Sorry, great song and it seemed to fit perfectly! Anyways, thank you for visiting my blog. This post is both exciting and terrifying for me. I had my first Senior Portrait session! As I am a budding photographer (mostly hobbyist), but… Continue reading First Senior Portrait Session

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Guilty Cafe via Samsung Galaxy

With many new restaurants I try to give them a few chances before I form an opinion about them. So when a new cafe opened in Waunakee and was on the news talking about their sweets I knew I had to make it a point to visit and check it out. After three visits here… Continue reading Guilty Cafe via Samsung Galaxy

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Getting Lippy

So I want to start by saying I am NOT affiliated with Lipsense in any way. I actually had not heard of it until two weeks ago when my friend had an online party. In case you have not heard of Lipsense it is an extremely long lasting lipstick sold by independent consultants. After I… Continue reading Getting Lippy

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Life’s Fuel & Muffins

From the moment my eyes open in the morning I crave the smell and rich warm taste of a fresh brewed cup of coffee. There is something comforting about a holding a warm fresh brewed mug and sipping the sweet elixir. I like to think of my coffee habit not as an addiction, but as a lifestyle.