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Guilty Cafe via Samsung Galaxy

With many new restaurants I try to give them a few chances before I form an opinion about them. So when a new cafe opened in Waunakee and was on the news talking about their sweets I knew I had to make it a point to visit and check it out.

After three visits here are my thoughts. When you pull up to the building it is in a small strip mall in the center of town. The logo on the building blends in and reminds me of an insurance company  logo. When you enter the cafe it is very open and sparse. I enjoy the minimalist look most of the time, but this feels unfinished. You are able to see work tables with food and equipment lining one of the walls near the back which gives the empty space a dirty cluttered feeling. The tables are nice and spread out so you can enjoy your coffee and meal without feeling cramped. There is a counter looking out the front window which I was really excited about. However, when you sit on the stool/chairs at the bar you are made to feel like a little kid at the dinner table. The seats are so low that the countertop is at chest level leaving only your neck and head above. This is rather uncomfortable to eat or drink coffee at since you have to lift your arm up and over to reach everything.


The staff is very friendly and helpful. They greet you when you walk in and are very attentive. As for the food I was super disappointed. I tried a brownie, banana bread, scone, cupcake and breakfast sandwich. Each and everyone was dry and not very flavorful. When I indulge in a cupcake or brownie I want it to be moist and delicious. I want to enjoy and savor each bite. Unfortunately that is not what happened. Each item I purchased I did not finish because it was mediocre at best.

The coffee on the other hand was AMAZING. I love coffee and am very picky when it comes to my brews. The coffee at Guilty Cafe was right on point. The pour-over is definitely my favorite. It is also nice that they offer soy and almond milk as an alternative to traditional creamers.


Overall I think Guilty Cafe is a great place to grab a cup of coffee on the go. I would not recommend the food or the environment for a place to catch up with friends.