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So… I love food. I have ALWAYS loved food. I savor every morsel. I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes almost as much as I enjoy dining out.

Food is happiness, sustenance, comfort and pleasure. Food is something that makes my soul sing. It is something that brings people together. Food can be made with love. It can give a physical hug when you need it most.

There are so many types of cuisines, flavors and combinations of spices I have yet to try. I have made it a mission to try something new or different from what I normally eat when presented with the opportunity.

Recently I have been granted the opportunity to try a few new plates and places. Here is my list from the last week.

Zeal – Boulder

Green cold pressed juice: kale, cucumber, celery, lemon and ginger

This was tart and had a hint of spice from the ginger. The first sip was strong, but good. I really enjoyed this beverage.

Chicken Mojo: Grilled chicken, pastured bacon, mojo sauce (citrus and avocado based), sun-dried tomatoes and arugula wrapped in collard greens with a side of fingerling potatoes.

This was freaking fantastic! It was delicious, well seasoned, juicy and a little bit messy. I will definitely be trying to replicate this at home.

The Egg & I – Broomfield


Blueberry Lemon Pancake Combo: whole wheat pancake topped with creamy lemon curd, fresh blueberries tossed in agave nectar and powdered sugar. Eggs, bacon and warm blueberry compote.

So this was really good. I only ate about half the lemon curd because it was such a strong flavor it started to overtake the blueberry compote. The blueberry compote was sweet warm and delicious. The lemon and blueberry together was a nice flavor combination.

The Post – Lafayette


Shredded Brussels Sprouts: smoked chicken, house BBQ sauce and cornbread crumbs.

Avery Brewing Company – Boulder



Pulled Pork: bbq sauce, slaw, Avery beer pickles

When I received this plate I was honestly a little disappointing…there wasn’t a bun or bread or anything. I am a fan of carbs and it seemed odd to me not to have anything to put it on. The pork itself was good, but the pickles and slaw missed the mark.

Garlic Fries

These were cooked and seasoned to perfection. I cannot express how delicious these were.

Pho 79 – Broomfield


Rare Steak and Well-Done Beef Brisket Pho: Beef noodle soup with white and green onions in the broth. Bean sprouts, basil and lime juice.

I had never tasted any Vietnamese cuisine prior to this. The concept of Pho was intriguing – put rare steak in my almost boiling soup and it cooks to perfection while I season my broth. The noodles were interesting, they had an odd consistency. The broth and being able to make it as sweet, tangy or spicy as I like was unique.

Tiller’s – Westminster

Bread Basket and Butter: crushed black sea salt

Beautiful and tasty! I am a huge salty food lover so this hit the spot in a fun way.

Colorado Buffalo Burger: smoked Gouda, caramelized onion, smoked paprika aioli, pancetta, arugula, tomato on a brioche bun with a side of sweet potato fries.

This was juicy and tender. It ended up having more heat than I expected.

Hacienda Colorado – Westminster

Fresh Tortilla Chips, Salsa and Guacamole

The chips and guacamole were fresh, homemade and amazing! I probably ate a cup of guac all by myself. It had a hint of lime and salt and was topped with fresh tomatoes. Mmmm…..

Black Angus Steak Fajita: rice, frijoles a la charra, grilled onions, green and red peppers and homemade flower tortillas.

The quality of the steak was really good, better than I anticipated. It was cooked to a perfect medium. The seasoning on the meat and grilled veggies was subtle, but blended well with the dish.

Colorado Sports Bar and Deli – Denver International Airport

BBQ Pulled Pork Fries

This is exactly as it sounds…a giant mound of fries smothered in pulled pork and bbq sauce..Yup, heaven.

LaMar’s Donuts – Westminster

Not something new, but I love me some donuts and coffee any day!

Big Dog Deli – Broomfield

St. Bernard: turkey, mushroom, avocado and Swiss

This warm sandwich was good; however the bread was so dry, crispy and flaky that it was messy and hard to eat.

Well that is my list. The list of what sated my taste buds over the last week. So glad I was able to indulge and try out some new foods and flavor combinations!

Do you like sticking to the same types of foods or trying new things?