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Snooze an A.M. Eatery & a Stranger- via Samsung Galaxy S7 

Snooze was recommended to me by a good friend the last time I came out to the greater Denver area for work. Unfortunately on that trip I did not have time to make it to the Denver or Boulder locations. This trip, however, I was driving through Westminster and saw a brand new location!

After looking online it did not appear to be open yet. When I drove by Tuesday there was no sign of life. So this morning I resigned myself to a Caribou breakfast (which I enjoy generally)…BUT…when I pulled into the parking lot I notice the line in front of Snooze! 

I was in luck! So with a little extra pep in my step, I joined the masses in line waiting for breakfast. After about ten minutes I made a comment to an older woman in front of me that I was surprised at the line on a Wednesday morning. She replied that this was the restaurants opening day!

After about 5 more minutes of waiting in silence she asked if I was alone. To which I countered – Yes, would you like to join me for breakfast? 

So there we were, two strangers enjoying coffee and breakfast on the patio together.

Barb and I exchanged the usual where are you from to how long are you in town. Shortly after the chat began we fell into a wonderful conversation.

We talked about the joys and pains of technology to today’s young generations lack of mental math skills. We touched on our combined love of books and reading. It was entertaining to learn that we both have multiple books going at once on similar locations: nightstand, coffee table, car, purse and an electronic device! 

The coffee was delicious and the food was phenomenal. My girlfriend has great tastes in restaurants! I had the egg white frittata that had wild mushrooms, caramelized onions, roasted garlic, asparagus and zucchini topped with melted Manchego, dressed arugula and cherry tomatoes. 

This dish melted in my mouth! I was so impressed, especially for opening day!

After we finished eating I asked Barb if it was okay to take her picture – so here we are!

Would you ever invite a Stranger to join you for a meal?