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Getting Lippy

So I want to start by saying I am NOT affiliated with Lipsense in any way. I actually had not heard of it until two weeks ago when my friend had an online party. In case you have not heard of Lipsense it is an extremely long lasting lipstick sold by independent consultants.

After I attended the online party I started looking at reviews online and pictures on Pinterest. I love the idea of being able to apply lipstick in the morning and only worry about glossing throughout the day – no mirror needed. So I took the plunge and two days after placing my order it arrived!


I was pleasantly surprised to see how close to the online pictures the colors looked in person upon arrival. I read the directions even though I had watched a few how to apply videos on YouTube and the party. Off to the mirror I went.


I decided to start with Apple Cider. I was so excited that I completely forgot the directions I just read and applied (without shaking) thickly. My lips were streaky and a mess. This allowed me to try my Opps Remover. I placed a layer on my lips, let it sit for a minute and wiped them clean. – Lesson Learned – 

The second time I carefully cleaned and dried my lips. I strategically applied 3 layers allowing them to dry in between. Then –  the gloss.

My first reaction to the gloss was – gooey. Now I must say that I generally wear lipstick, lip stain or chap-stick. I dislike the sticky feeling of lip gloss. This made me nervous. After about 15 minutes the gooey-ness was less noticeable. That made me happy.


I love the color! It is soft and natural, but noticeable. At first I was nervous to touch it, eat or drink because I didn’t want to mess it up. After a few pictures and admiring my lips I got brave and smooshed my lips to a wine glass. Only a little gloss residue was left on the glass!

The next day I tried Caramel Apple. This color was slightly darker, but not too dark. I did find that my waterline wore off throughout the day. I did some Google-ing and found that if you dry your waterline with a cotton round prior to applying it won’t wear off like mine did. I tried that the next day and it worked. My lips have been staying in tact for about 11-12 hours which is WAY longer than I thought they would last.


Here is another picture of the Caramel Apple. It looks different in different lighting.

It was so nice to be able to smooch my husband without leaving a ring of pink on his mouth. My daughter is also happy that her cheeks don’t have evidence of mommy’s kisses.

I also wanted to test what would happen if I did NOT reapply the gloss throughout the day. My lips lasted until about an hour after lunch, which is pretty good! (about 6 hours total)

So after falling in love with this lip product I decided to do my own price comparison…As of 7/25/17 these are prices are accurate. Not only is Lipsense in the same price range as many professional brands, but it has more fluid ounces and doesn’t come off on things like clothes, my husband, my kid and dishes.

lipsense comparisonI am so happy that my friend introduced me to Lipsense. Now I just have to figure out how many to add to my collection…

 How to apply LipSense
1. Clean lips (exfoliation is suggested) and dry them!
2. Shake the color tube well ( 15-30 seconds).
3. Apply to upper and lower lips in one glide motion (I do the top in two sections).
4. Wait for color to dry (about 10 seconds), repeat for three layers (keep lips separated).
5. Once the third coat is dry, apply gloss liberally and rub lips together.

1. REALLY shake the shit out of the color before application.
2. Make sure your lips are dry and REALLY clean (no foundation residue).
3. Reapply the gloss throughout the day (especially before you eat).
4. Do not leave your LipSense in the car (extreme heat will ruin it).

Let me know if you have tried it and what your experience was!