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Kids do the darndest things

In our home we generally have humans sleep on mattresses and canines sleep in dog beds. However, earlier this week our adorable child decided she was going to switch things up a bit. We kissed her good night and sent her upstairs to bed. A little while later when my husband and I made our… Continue reading Kids do the darndest things

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Road Trippin’

Last weekend I drove 300 miles to Big Lake, Minnesota. I went to visit my dear friend Carrie. Since she moved to Minnesota I have only seen her when she comes to Madison. This has been eating at me. Part of the problem was that I had some serious health problems and after my recovery… Continue reading Road Trippin’


W.T.H. – People & Pets

I am so sick and tired of hearing people 'yell' at their dog by saying their name. Their name does not mean No, Stop, Knock It Off or anything else. It is simply their name. When you say their name it means give me your attention or look at me. People need to stop reprimanding… Continue reading W.T.H. – People & Pets

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Camping with Cousins via Samsung Galaxy S7

This weekend kicked off with a bang! We ditched the normal routine and headed to a family style campground. This is  one of our favorite ways to get away. This time we went with my brother-in-law, sister-in-law and their spunky four-year old. The girls caused plenty of trouble, as they should, with playing hide-n-seek, barbies,… Continue reading Camping with Cousins via Samsung Galaxy S7