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Kids do the darndest things

In our home we generally have humans sleep on mattresses and canines sleep in dog beds. However, earlier this week our adorable child decided she was going to switch things up a bit. We kissed her good night and sent her upstairs to bed. A little while later when my husband and I made our way upstairs we noticed something odd. As we got closer our sweet fur baby noticed that someone was sleeping in her bed. After glancing at the kid and then back to us with a confused look on her face we let her in our bedroom.

I set down my water-glass and turned to wake up the sleeping monster when I notice that I am getting a woe is me look from our closet. Shiva was clearly confused to where her bed was…even though she saw it seconds before. We got the kid into bed and situated the dog bed back in its proper place. Shiva was quite pleased to snuggle in for the night.

Oh the things kids do…