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Camping with Cousins via Samsung Galaxy S7

This weekend kicked off with a bang! We ditched the normal routine and headed to a family style campground. This is  one of our favorite ways to get away. This time we went with my brother-in-law, sister-in-law and their spunky four-year old.

The girls caused plenty of trouble, as they should, with playing hide-n-seek, barbies, coloring and more! They were quite creative with this particular tree.


We were even able to enjoy a few morning fires! Having a fire in the morning is one of my favorite, things to do while camping; even more so than campfires at night. I just love being able to wake up slowly with the warmth of my fire and my coffee in the crisp morning air. The light breeze and sound of birds…ahhh…happieness.


The pooch and I took a mid-day nap on Saturday to restore some of our energy. I definitely over did it between Friday night and Saturday during the day. After just over an hour we were woken up by the sun. It moved through the sky and came through the windows of our camper. This caused me to bake, although Shiva didn’t seem to mind.


We spent some time swimming at the pond filled with inflatables to climb. I alternated between cooling dips and reading a book in the warm sun. Shiva alternated between the grass next to me in the shade, a camp chair in the shade and sharing my lounge chair in the sun. Clearly we need to work on her selfies!

The girls also got to mini golf and swim in the indoor pool! Shiva was able to check out the Bark Park and zoom around for a bit.

At night we all snuggled into our sleeping bags. The temperature dropped to about 53 degrees. Shiva gets too hot if she is all the way in hers so we found a way for her to be cozy. She is so freakin cute!


I really should have taken more pictures of these two cousins together this weekend. However, I took the time to unplug. This is the two of them Sunday morning with sleepy eyes and bed head.


After a busy weekend in the sun it feels good to be home. My favorite thing to do after camping is to come home and shower. Getting the sunscreen and bug spray off is so refreshing!