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Taking a second

I wanted to take half a moment to reflect on the last month or so. It seems like when it gets busy that a lot of things get pushed to the side. My blog has been one of them. When I started writing this blog post two weeks ago I kept getting stuck between having too much to say and being motivated to do it. As time went on it became daunting. This is silly because I started this blog not just to share insight into our life, but to have a creative outlet that I enjoyed. So instead of giving you a story I am going to give you a series of pictures from the last month and a half. These moments made me smile.



I absolutely love how cute and little our 50 pound mutt looks in this picture all curled up on our pillows. She loves being near us and is constantly watching Taylor to see what she is doing. Right now Tay is showing us a squishy sea urchin ball she won at the arcade. Clearly Shiva is very interested.



Here is a video of her playing and rolling at the dog park. On the random days it has been nice out we have been going out to the dog park and chasing tennis balls. Plus rolling in the grass and getting all nice and smelly sounds fun. She just cracks me up!


Saturday, March 24th, I took Taylor to the Trinity Irish Dancers performance at the Overture Center in Madison. This was quite a performance! We enjoyed watching girls of various ages dance in both hard and soft shoes. The older girls have competed in Worlds in Dublin, Ireland and the current gold medalist for North America. At the end of their show they taught the crown a few steps to the routine. This was super fun for Taylor to try! She found it challenging even though she has been dancing for years. Irish dancing uses different muscles than ballet, jazz and hip hop. After watching these girls Taylor wanted try out a local class! She took a free trial class and loved it.


One of the other things that always gets put on the back burner is my photography. I really enjoy taking pictures and learning new things with my camera. Even though this is something I take great pleasure in it happens to be one of the first things that I set aside when things get busy or difficult. I get easily frustrated and overwhelmed  when I do not have the patience that I normally do. Being a perfectionist I am extremely hard on myself when I cannot achieve my vision. I will work on making time for this hobby…

Over Taylor’s Spring Break I took a day to spend with her. We went up to the Dells and tried out the ropes course. What a blast. This was a great experience for both of us to test our limits. I was surprised with how much I could do with my poor balance and weak ankles. Unfortunately I paid for it quite a bit for about a week after, but the sense of accomplishment was worth it!


We also got our hair done at Dye Pretty by Mary Watters at Salon Envie in Wausau, WI. Such a fun way to spend the day! Plus we walk away looking fabulous.

Here are few more of my little heater.