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Kissin Cousins

A few weekends ago we had four extra legs in our home. Luna came to visit for a few days. Shiva was so excited to have a friend to play with. They were both thoroughly spoiled rotten and exhausted by the time the weekend was through. We were not sure how the weekend would go since we are an only child and single dog house. Thankfully we had a pretty laid back weekend planned so we took the plunge.


The girls have always gotten along well and have spent time together at both houses and on walks. Not much changed in our routine for the weekend other than having to feed the doggies separately because Luna wanted to wait her turn even though they each had their own bowls in different locations. Lots of snuggles were had during our time together. Taylor doted on Luna so she wouldn’t feel like an ‘outsider’, but then would whisper to Shiva things like ” I still love you the most” or “we are not replacing you”. We had decided to put a sheet on our couch to help contain Luna’s hair since we were warned that Luna was a shedder, but it didn’t really end up being necessary.


The girls loved running between the living room and the den with various ropes. Luna really wanted me to throw the rope and was not amused when I chose to take her picture instead.


The girls walked super nicely together. We ended up walking quite a bit over the weekend since it was sooo gorgeous out. We walked around town, through the park, on a bike path around town and to the playground. We even did a mini hike at Token Creek.

On Saturday night we decided to celebrate St. Patty’s day in our basement after we tucked the kid in bed. The pups followed us down the stairs to see what we were up to. At the base of our stairs is a pair of bass that my lovely husband caught and his talented father prepared (sorry about the poor quality photograph). As Luna walked by the mount she stood up on her hind legs to sniff it, curious what the hell it was. After a chuckle we directed the girls to lie down on the couch and proceeded to play darts.


After a few rounds we heard a low growl. Both of the dogs were in the bar room with their tails down so say “hey, enough” at Shiva to have them behave and we shoo her upstairs thinking she was the culprit because Luna hasn’t vocalized AT ALL since we got her. After another round we heard the grumble again. So I peaked at the pooch and Luna was watching deer mount and the antler mount. She kept her head down and paced between the two. After taking a short video we chuckled and had her go upstairs so she would not be stressed and feel the need to protect me from the creepers on our walls. I also smooched and apologized to Shiva for assuming it was her. Damn mommy guilt.

We also took the hounds to Home Depot for a field trip and then Mounds for extra chew toys and pig ears. We met a pair of GIANT Saint Bernard puppies who were only 15 months old! They were sweet and adorable and full of slobber.


Needless to say the weekend was a wonderful success and I was a little bit sad to see Luna go home. I may have to borrow her every so often so Shiva can have a playmate.