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First Official Business Trip

After recently receiving a promotion I was sent to Colorado to one of our main offices for training. I have traveled alone on many occasions, but never on a business trip. It was quite a moment for me saying that I would be out of town for work.

There were a few things I enjoyed and a few things that were hard. I will start with the list of things I enjoyed while in Colorado on business – in no particular order:

  1. Freedom – to make my own schedule or to not have one (aside from my work hours) because I was flying solo.
  2. The ability to choose any restaurant without worrying about whether or not everyone else would like something on the menu.
  3. Having the hotel nice and toasty!
  4. Being able to meander around aimlessly.
  5. Parental responsibilities.
  6. Working with my team in person versus remote (it was refreshing).
  7. Spending time with my brother.
  8. Seeing an old friend and meeting her baby boy.
  9. Savoring my coffee and breakfast with favorite apps: Facebook, WordPress, Instagram.
  10. Lunches with my co-workers.
  11. Watching the sweet little prairie dogs outside my work and EVERYWHERE!!

This is me at Eldorado Canyon – SELFIE!!


I pulled over at the side of the road for this shot on my way from the airport to Eldorado Springs, Co. It took my breath away! I swear I stood here for 15 minutes just taking in the view.


Things I missed:

  1. My husband.
  2. My daughter.
  3. My sweet, little, spoiled rotten puppy, who isn’t a puppy anymore – Shiva.
  4. My own bed.
  5. Hugs, snuggles and goodnight kisses.
  6. Taking care of my family (yes I can be excited about my break of parental responsibility and still miss the satisfaction I get from taking care of them).
  7. My sit-to-stand desk. Staying stationary is hard on my body.
  8. Not being out of breath from lack of oxygen every time I moved.
  9. Being home.


At the airport I enjoyed a delicious tequila and sprite (with lime of course) and found a fun treat which I did not indulge in, but had a laugh from. – Please see below.

Here is a picture of an adorable prairie dog because they are sooo stinkin cute! These little guys were everywhere! They appear to be the “squirrels” of Colorado.


Overall it was a great trip and fun experience. I enjoyed traveling for work and wouldn’t mind doing it a few times a year. I don’t think I could be someone who travels regularly for work – that is just not me.

How do you feel about traveling for work? What are your top pros and cons?

Comment and let me know!