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Let loose!

Sometimes we get too caught up with life.

Work. Family. extracurriculars. Expectations.

It is good to shake out your limbs and soul on occasion and loosen up.

Laugh. Be silly. Goof off.  Don’t conform.

I try to have these loosening up moments regularly. Taking a second to remember you don’t have to conform to social norms every second of every day (or ever) is EXTREMELY important. Generally I make sure to do them in front of our kid to model how to not take life too seriously. Occasionally I do it in public – specifically in front of my husband to embarrass him. Over all though I try to shake it out a couple of times a week with snazzy dance moves in the kitchen, funny voices, goofy faces or silly songs that narrate our routine activities.

Here are two sets of my moments from the last few weeks captured and forever stored as digital images.


Honestly though, I was taught this way of life by my father. He kept the fun and humor in our life with jokes and voices. I don’t know what my life would be without randomly talking in song or funny voices just to drive those I love crazy.