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Snowed In

A weekend away is a wonderful thing. Especially when you are visiting a dear friend and her wonderful family. It is even better when you get well over a foot of snow and have a good excuse to stay put and catch up. Between coffee, wine and kids there was plenty of entertainment.

Paint, science experiments, books and their imagination was all they needed. Plus a sweet little puppy!


No shortage of smiles and giggles here! Ares clearly hated all the attention he was showered with.


I probably should have taken more pictures over the weekend, but honestly I was too busy catching up and being present. As much as I enjoy picture proof of my adventures it was a nice change to just sit back, relax and be.



Since we got home all Taylor can ask about is when we are going back or when they are coming to visit! I guess that means she had just as much fun as I did.


Taylor even took it upon herself to give a little Irish dance lesson. Focus, Focus, Focus!

I truly enjoyed our time catching up and swapping stories, parenting advice and photography tips. It is amazing how life is so different now than when we met at Orientation Day at the University of Minnesota. What is even more amazing is how when we get together it feels like we were never apart.