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Life is not a one-way street. Even when it seems that way; take a moment to look for options that may not be obvious at first glance. There is no right way. There are many ways that are correct. Beauty is in choices. Differences should be celebrated. Uniqueness is special. There is not one way… Continue reading One-Way

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Believe in Music

Three songs that pop into my head when I hear the word believe: I believe I can fly....I believe I can touch the sky...I think about it every night and day... Don't stop believin'....Hold on to that feelin'... Do you believe in life after love...I feel something inside me say...I really don't think you're strong enough...… Continue reading Believe in Music

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Sounds like someone I know…

That person. You know the one. Who lives in their own world. Oblivious to suffering and challenges of those around them. Much less disasters taking place in the state, nation or world-wide. A part of me is angry with them for how oblivious they are. Another part is jealous. Imagine how much stress they are… Continue reading Sounds like someone I know…

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The Spins

Sometimes it seems as if life moves so fast that you can't catch your breath. Everything piles up - life keeps on happening. Day after day, week after week, year after year.... It passes you by. Work, chores, eat, sleep, work, family, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep, work, chores, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep.... A… Continue reading The Spins