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I become an insomniac when I travel for work…

Sleeping is something that I have always been good at. I can sleep in the car, I can sleep on a bus, I can sleep on a plane, and as I go on listing places this sounds more like a Dr. Seuss rhyme.

However, whenever I travel for business I cannot sleep worth a lick. Even in some of the nicest hotels with plush comfy beds and fluffy pillows I am at a loss.

I’ve tried warm baths at night or sitting in the hot tub. A drink or two helps me drift off, but I don’t stay asleep. Even Xanax doesn’t make a difference on these trips.

This is unbelievably irritating because I need to be rested for work and there is no good reason and why I can’t sleep.

Do you have trouble sleeping on business trips? Please comment below with advice!

4 thoughts on “I become an insomniac when I travel for work…

  1. I sleep 1000 times easier in a hotel when I’m alone. Sometimes I turn the water on in the bathtub as cold as possible and soak my feet in it for a few minutes. When I take them out, they tingle.

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