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Chautauqua Park


While waiting for my brother to get off work in Boulder, I drove around looking for somewhere to cause trouble. I stumbled upon a sign for a City Park. Bazinga! Trouble has been found.

Fun Fact: The speed limit in Boulder, Co is 25 mph unless otherwise posted. This is pretty cool!

After pulling into the parking lot I noticed a small street, just wide enough for one car to drive on. Lining the street were little houses, no larger than cabins. Small, quaint, cozy cottages tucked away into the tree line. After I did my fair share of being nosey I headed back down to the park. On my way back I found public cabins to rent! How fun! What a cool place to stay.


This park was so incredibly busy there were no empty parking spots. Myself and a train of cars did laps around the small parking lot until stalls opened up. Once I found a spot I did a short walk to the trail entrance. I was surprised to see a sign that mentioned recent rattle snake sightings, bear and mountain lions! This did not make me nervous, but EXCITED. What a cool picture that would be!! (Yes, I am my father’s daughter).


So off I went to take a few pictures of the massive mountains. Since I sprained my ankle the day before,I did not go far before turning back. My journey was not over though. I found a road that went up the mountain. All I can say is wow. Driving at that incline, so close to a thin guard rail gave me vertigo.


Once at the top the scenic overlook was impressive, not quite breathtaking, but impressive.

Fun Fact: A large number of hikers (mostly tourists) are killed each year on these mountains by lightening strikes. Each afternoon there are bad storms on the mountains. If you don’t start your hike early enough you won’t summit and be back to safety in time.

I hope you enjoy these pictures.