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Rising Waters

August 2018 was a very wet month for Wisconsin (to say the least). These photographs were taken August 25th after the first round of storms went through earlier in the week. Since then we have had rain nearly everyday. Stores, homes and streets are flooded. Highways are washed out. There have been many who have lost everything and are without flood insurance since they are not on a floodplain. People have been rescued by boat, jet ski and helicopter. 


Pictures may say a 1000 words, but taking pictures today left me speechless. So many of these pictures taken almost two weeks ago cannot even begin to portray the depth and damage from the storm. 

Walking through Tenney park and seeing this is just a glimpse of a small minuet percentage of what unexpected flooding can do. What central Wisconsin is dealing with is not even a fraction of Katrina or Maria. Crazy how seeing this in person makes the destruction of Louisiana and Puerto Rico so much larger, more dangerous and real. It keeps you humble and it makes you think about how incredibly lucky you are. It also makes you realize that although you send prayers and had sympathy or even donations that you really had no clue about the devastating effects of those storms unless you were there. When you are removed and not reminded daily of the total loss it is easy to forget…