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Snippets of Denver & Westminster

On my most recent trip out to Colorado I was able to arrive a day early! This was wonderful because I spent time with my brother and meandering about with my camera. I ended up doing more relaxing and living in the moment than taking pictures.


Honestly the weather was beautiful (aside from one hour of torrential downpours). I was able to walk around the downtown area and take the free bus to the capitol hill.


All of the food I stuffed my face with was delicious. The wine was phenomenal and I am pretty sure I came close to being over-caffeinated. Didn’t even know that was possible until this trip!


I even met a few interesting people and struck up some good ole fashion face-to-face conversation with them.


For most of my trip, my cell phone lived in my backpack. It was like an unintentional disconnect from social media. I needed my hands freed up for my coffee and camera – priorities.


Here are a couple of cell phone pictures that I did take. Airplane selfie was necessary to send to my daughter back home. Wine so I did not forget which kind it was. A rare photograph of me and my taller, but younger brother (shhh…don’t tell him this is on social media – it may prove he exists).  Also a picture of my sushi lunch which was both beautiful and quite yummy.

I had a great deal of fun on my own on Sunday, however, the purpose of my trip was business related. Our QE team got together for work and play. We had lunch and did an escape room together! The boys did one room and girls did the other (we beat them by a few minutes too). Such a great way to work together and learn more about your co-workers! Team building all the way.

My work also had the annual Awards of Excellence event. This year I was surprised with receiving an award. I felt (and still feel) proud. It is exciting to be noticed and appreciated for hard work, time and effort. Feeling valued at work really hits home for me. I really could go on and on, but I won’t be long-winded, at least not today.

I really enjoy my trips to Denver. Nothing beats spending time with good people in a fun place with good food!