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Point Beach State Forest

Camping is our families way of disconnecting from everyday life and reconnecting with each other. Recently we went to Point Beach State Forest, located right outside of Two Rivers, WI. Originally we were going to spend the weekend on Madeline Island, but due to recent storms and flooding we made the decision to go somewhere a little less soggy.

We ended up with beautiful weather and a great campsite. I was able to finish a good book and take some pictures. Tay loved lake Michigan and learning how to widdle while Shiva was thoroughly entertained by chipmunks. Here is a handful of my favorite pictures from the weekend!



Our baby enjoying relaxing by the shore. She was not a huge fan of the waves or cold water, but loved the beach!

Below are a handful of cell phone shots from our weekend.

The fog was crazy thick and moving in fast on our last morning there!

Taylor found a stick that looked like antlers…this is her deer face. Here is the stick she widdled and used to roast a hot dog!

These last four were taken by my lovely husband.

We had such a nice getaway! Looking forward to our next trip.