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Insignificant Significance

As the waves break against the shore, Lake Michigan reminds me of how small I am and how vast the world is.

The sound overpowers everything else.

I am unable to hear anything – even my own thoughts.

That is what I love about nature. This is the escape I crave. As I sit and absorb it all, I relax into this blissful state of mere existence – nothing else.

This sensation is what I imagine, people who meditate feel. Now please do not misunderstand that last statement. I am not interested in advice or instruction on how to meditate. I have tried many times over the last ten years. Yes, I have also failed every time. Not a great track record in this department. I am at peace with that. This is something I have accepted. My ADHD has not allowed to open my mind and relax. It is a beautiful thing, this mind of mine, but it does not allow me to be at peace – often.

However, in moments that I find this bliss I savor it. The breeze and intensity of the crashing of the waves (visual and auditory senses at capacity) overtook me. It forced all of me into submission. I was immersed in that moment in time.