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I want to teach my daughter that she can do anything. Anything that she puts in time and effort to achieve. Nothing is only for boys or only for girls. If there is something she wants to do or learn it can be done. Everything just takes research, practice and dedication.

In the last few months I have been quite a busy bee. Most of it is just working on a long list of To Do’s that I haven’t had time for. This list has been a great example of how a ‘girl’ can do stereotypical boy things for my daughter. Needless to say she has been quite impressed.

A few of the items are:

  • fixing the choke cord on our snow blower
  • re-attaching my fog light on my car
  • installing a new outlet and cover in our kitchen
  • replacing all outside door knobs and dead bolts
  • installing an electric entry panel to our front door

Honestly I attribute a lot of my gusto of figuring things out and learning new things to my father. He was always there to not only encourage me, but to not help until I had put in ample effort and problem solving attempts. There was nothing that he thought that I couldn’t do. His resolute belief that I was fully capable of any task, no matter the size or amount of frustration I showed, sculpted me into the person I am today.