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Proud Mommy Moment

Over the years I have noticed and embraced a handful of extra special, proud mommy moments. These moments are ones that steal your heart, take your breath away and bring tears to your eyes. These moments are different from the ones when your baby takes their first step or says their first word. In my humble opinion, these moments show you a glimpse of the type of person you are molding and shaping everyday. They give you the reassurance (that is so desperately needed on occasion) that your efforts have been worth something.

Our most recent moment occurred after Taylor’s very first Voice Recital. Taylor has been taking voice lessons at a local music school once a week since the end of January. On May 5th she had her first recital in front of roughly one hundred parents, grandparents and siblings in a local church (the school does not have an auditorium).


Taylor picked out her favorite dress which she purchased a couple of months ago with her own money. We threw her hair up and away we went. She was feeling pretty good, a little nervous, but fairly confident until she saw all the people. Her teacher whisked her away for a quick overview of how the microphone would work and to go over a few last-minute details. When she returned she was to sit with us while other children performed and it was her turn. There were pianist, violinist, vocalist, guitarist and a drummer. As it got closer to her name being called she held my hand tightly and leaned into me. I whispered that she would be great and to breathe.

When her name was called she took a deep breath, looked into my eyes and nodded before walking up the stairs and situating her music. As the music started she focused and started to sing. About a minute and a half into her four-minute song you could see her nerves loosen and the confidence start to show through. She finished strong and gave a cute bow.


While she took her seat the Owner of the music school said, Wow! Ladies and gentlemen, wasn’t that incredible? Can you believe this was her first recital? Taylor, I think you just stole the show! Taylor smiled and blushed as she leaned into me. Nick and I were so proud, just absolutely overwhelmed with emotion. Once everyone had performed the school provided snacks and the evening came to a close.

Later when we arrived home and Tay was getting ready for bed she quietly approached me and whispered, You know how that lady said I stole the show? I nodded with a soft mmm hmm. Do you think the other parents still listened to all the kids? We all worked so hard and practiced a lot. I didn’t try to steal the show.

THIS was my proud mommy moment. My heart swelled with pride and joy. How did I raise such a sweet empathetic nine-year old? Instead of being self-absorbed and savoring the compliment she was thinking and placing herself in the shoes of all the other kids who performed earlier that evening.

We ended our evening by talking about how wonderful she is to be concerned about the feelings of the children. I explained that although she blew the crowd away, the other children did a good job also and received praise from their parents as well.

It is moments like this that I live for. Moments that show me all the struggles and angry looks are more than worth it. That she does listen, absorb and digest at least some of what I am trying to bestow upon her. I am one proud momma!