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Celebrating one more year of survival

So it happened. I am now 32 years of age. Another year down and many more to go.  This year my birthday was celebrated a little bit different from most years because I was traveling for work on my birthday. I was up at 4am (which is way too early for this girl) to catch my flight to New York than Boston. After working the afternoon I was able to spend the rest of my birthday with two of my absolute favorite people!

As we drove downtown I was given my first birthday gift – new gray hairs from my loving father. After we parked and headed towards the harbor. I showed them how to assimilate with the Bostonians. AKA act like you are invincible and walk into traffic without any regards for traffic or the pedestrian ‘walk sign’. We were doing such a great job blending in that I even had someone ask me for directions to Quincy Market. Thankfully it was a question that I could answer off the top of my head. “Continue ahead on this street and it will be on your left right before you hit State Street.”

We were able to take a Boston Harbor Cruise tour. It was a beautiful day on the water. We had lots of laughs while cracking jokes and listening to the history of Boston Harbor and other landmarks.



After our cruise we headed in-land in search of sustenance. We found Roisin Dubh, The Black Rose. It is a quaint little Irish pub. We had a delicious dinner (lobster rolls) and I indulge with some Chianti. Thanks to my wine class I knew what it was and that I would love it!


Before we hoofed it back to the car a small detour had to be made. Magnolia Bakery in Quincy Market to pick up a birthday cupcake! It was beautiful and so delicious.



The rest of my work trip went well. I was even able to enjoy a happy hour on the patio with my co-workers.

I returned late, late Thursday night. So since everyone was asleep Friday morning I was greeted by this spunky character. She always makes me smile and ensures that there is never a dull moment in our house.


Please note that she is wearing denim. Up until the last month or so she refused because of how it felt. Now she will wear select items of soft denim with stretch. She is so cute in it 🙂


To end my birthday week we relaxed on the deck. The weather was perfect and everyone was in a great mood. Taylor and Nick played catch with a baseball in the yard while Shiva focused on our neighbors kitty on their deck. Being a year older never felt so good.