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Door County

Four years of marriage. Seven years of love. Feels like only a moment and forever at the same time.


Nick and I decided to take a long weekend and getaway from the daily grind. Spending quality time with each other was our goal. We felt like the best way to do this was to leave our house because everywhere we look there is a reminder of something to do or remember. Also by leaving our home we are able to break routine and habits.


Door County was our destination. We hit up Bar 430 on the way in Oshkosh, Wi. It is a funky bar with some of the best burgers you will ever eat. They are not your standard burger though, they have created flavorful masterpieces.

While in Door County, Wi we visited Cave Point Park. Everything was covered in a thick coat of ice so we had to be diligent about where we stepped. After hugging the tree line we found that it was more snow than ice and ventured down to see the sights.

Many people where there taking pictures. What surprised me the most was the number of people scooting out onto the point in dress shoes taking selfies. I totally thought we were going to watch someone plummet to their death.

We managed a few selfies at a SAFE distance from the cliff side. *Aren’t we cute??*


There was even a kind gentleman that offered to take our picture. So we handed him our cell phone and got a chuckle out of his manual zoom maneuvers.


While enjoying each other we also treated ourselves to good food! How crazy it is to eat when you are hungry and not on a schedule. We also made time to visit a brewery and a couple wineries. Yummy! Found the Cabernet Sauvignon from Harbor Ridge Winery to be my favorite. The Door County Brewing Co had a brew called Lowlands that was scrumptious!

Nothing beats getting some quality time in with someone you love.

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