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She be Sellin’

Taylor is in her third year of Girl Scouts! This year she wanted to make a higher cookie goal and crush it. I love her determination. Day one we spent 2 hours going door to door in our neighborhood. Yes, that sounds like a lot – however – we only made it around the block because we have very friendly chatty neighbors! She pulled a suitcase of cookies with her so the customers did not have to wait to enjoy their goodies.

Practicing speaking loud and clear while talking to strangers while going door to door is a great skill. Phone etiquette is also being learned while calling friends and family for orders. Math skills while totaling orders, collecting money, giving change and tracking her cookie sales are being reinforced.

It is so nice that she is old enough to start taking control of her sales. She is deciding how long to walk, when to make phone calls and that she wanted to do a video! I have attached it below because it is just too cute. I love the outfit she chose and her pitch. It was all her (if you know her you really see her personality and nuances shine through).

Here is the lineup of cookies this year. Our household favorites are: Peanut Butter Patties, Caramel deLites, S’mores and Thanks-A-Lot.


When I was a Girl Scout we had to take everyone’s orders up front, then they would have to – GASP – wait for them to come in. Now, in today’s age of instant gratification troops are able to order the delicious addicting goodies up front. This allows them to have them on hand at the time of sale. Yup, no more waiting. They do still offer the traditional order and wait for it service for those in favor of not wanting to order more than they need. In our house though, never a problem because what we don’t sell we eat!

Honestly having them on hand the last couple years has not been very good for my health. I work from home and they call my name…they whisper it ever so softly throughout the day. Then I open a pack, intending to have just one or two and BAM! The whole box is gone and

Even though this is her thing, below is my little plug because well…I’m a mom and I need you to get these out of my house before I eat them all!!

Don’t know a Girl Scout? No problem. Here is the link to order from Taylor online.  Cookies are $4 a box (gluten-free Trios are $5) and shipping is $9.50.

Happy February!