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Boston: Architecture

Here is my final post about Boston for 2017. I hope you have enjoyed the mini series.


Wow. Just Wow. Boston has some gorgeous old buildings. I enjoyed seeing all of the wrought iron, cobblestone, bricks and detail work. The old lamp posts were pretty cute too. However, I was not a fan of walking on the cobblestone sidewalks.

They are quaint looking yet hard to navigate without twisting an ankle (especially if you have a hard time walking to begin with). TM has done me in with uneven surfaces.


On this trip I decided to take my Nikon D5500 and 35mm lens. My past business trips to the Denver area I have also packed my 85mm but never broke it out. So this time I left it at home so that I didn’t have one more thing to worry about. Boy was that a mistake. I wish I had brought it with. There were so many interesting people that I could have captured that were out of reach for my 35mm.


I also would have loved to do more close up shots. I ended up taking a few cell phone pictures with my Galaxy S7. It was quick and easy. However, I did run into the problem that my phone died halfway through the day and I could not find anywhere to charge it, even though I had my charger on my person.


Without my phone I did not have access to Uber or Google maps…This ended up being okay since I had planned and researched enough ahead of time that I had a general idea of where I needed to go. Thanks to my mental map and public transit lines I navigated the city without a smartphone for just over four hours and was safely in bed by 9pm.


Generally when I go anywhere I have a plan. Yes, anywhere, even the grocery store. I know my itinerary weeks before departure. I research, I prep, I pack, I have a plan and am rarely caught unprepared. I am very special in this regard. The same happened for this trip. I had everything mapped out and ready to go weeks before my departure.



Then my co-workers happened. I went along for the ride on Thursday night to see Salem and do dinner. No actual plan with a destination in mind. Outside of my comfort zone I relinquished control and went with the flow. Yay me! We ended up having a great time – as terrifying as it was to wing it.



So, after being proud of myself for not only committing to ‘no plan’, but enjoying myself, the next day I ended up throwing my carefully and thoughtfully planned itinerary into the wind. Not literally – that’s littering. I started at my original starting point, Boston Commons and decided to walk and see where my feet would take me.


I ended up seeing a lot of the sites that were on my list, just in a very different order. I felt very wild and free. Like a rebel without a cause. I really enjoyed walking around Charles Street. I hope you enjoyed my pictures in this post of some of the things that caught my eye. Specifically a squirrel having a snack and getting a drink out of a puddle.

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  1. I love how you almost eliminated humans from your photos! Super neat series!! It makes me feel a sense of solitude while reading your story! Proud of you for ‘switching it up’ and being a little extra adventurous! 🙂

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