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Boston: Architecture

Here is my final post about Boston for 2017. I hope you have enjoyed the mini series. Wow. Just Wow. Boston has some gorgeous old buildings. I enjoyed seeing all of the wrought iron, cobblestone, bricks and detail work. The old lamp posts were pretty cute too. However, I was not a fan of walking… Continue reading Boston: Architecture

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Boston: The People

One thing I was really looking forward too while in Boston was hearing people talk in the stereotypical Boston accent. Silly I know, but I find it entertaining. I was quite disappointed to find that Boston has become such a melting pot that finding a true Bostonian accent is like finding a needle in a… Continue reading Boston: The People

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Boston: The Beginning & Uber

I went to Massachusetts on a business trip. Having only been to New York City and Staten Island  on the East Coast this was an adventure! As with any of my trips, big or small, I have a handful of stories that I would like to share. My plan is to break them down into… Continue reading Boston: The Beginning & Uber