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Garden Marinara via Samsung Galaxy

Our small garden this year has been producing in spurts. We will have a handful of tomatoes one week and the next – BOOM – tomato overload. With this batch I decided to try my hand at making marinara from scratch.


After spending sometime trying to peel the tomatoes (with the help of my wonderful husband) I set to work. With using the large pot I felt kind of like a witch brewing a potion.

In go the tomatoes, a pinch of bat fur, two eyeballs and a few drops of children’s tears…

After the initial steps when the sauce had to simmer I took to Google to find out why I had such a hard time peeling the damn tomatoes. I didn’t blanch them. Why the hell wouldn’t the recipe say anything about that? Grrr….well, now I know for next time.


The sauce was looking quite watery after a half hour of simmering. So I took to Google again and found that I needed to simmer the sauce without covering it to allow some of the water to evaporate. After I removed the lid for the remaining 45 minutes of simmer time the sauce thickened up quite nicely.

In addition to making the sauce I also prepared fresh garlic bread. I say prepared because I did not make the bread, but I did slice it and smear it with the butter, olive oil and fresh garlic mixture before sprinkling it with parsley and mozzarella.


Overall I was pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out. When I do this again I know I will do a few things differently.

  • Blanch the tomatoes
  • Use a little less garlic
  • Add mushrooms
  • Keep the lid off the pot
  • Make a double batch

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