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The Weekend’s A Brewin’ via Samsung Galaxy

It’s Friday morning and even though it is late August it feels like Fall. Cool crisp air with a slight breeze.

After a brisk walk with the dog and taking the kid to her Summer program I decided that today was a REAL coffee day – not a Keurig morning.


I ground my beans into a coarse consistency. I took a deep inhale of the scent now wafting up from my grinder. It is a good life indeed.

My electric kettle has the water bubbling within a minute and into the French Press it goes. I patiently wait while it works its magic.

As soon as my timer goes off – yes I need a timer. I get impatient or distracted, both things = not perfectly brewed coffee.

I gently swirl then slide the pressing mechanism down and fill my cup. After a splash of almond milk I am good to go.

I take my warm mug decorated with my daughters second grade artwork on it and bring it to our porch swing.

I slowly observe, savor: the warmth in my hands,  steam swirling up from the mug,  aroma filling the air, smooth rich flavor on my tongue and heat coursing through me.

My senses are alive. I bask in the glory of the moment, of the quiet stillness of the morning.

Ten minutes.

That is what I gave myself.

Ten minutes.

To relish in the glory of simple things, little moments, happiness.

Then off to work for one last day before the weekend.

(posted Saturday evening because well…life happened)