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Savoring Shoes via Samsung Galaxy

Tuesday night something incredible happened.

Something that may  not seem like much to most people.

I went shopping. Shoe Shopping.

Yes, I get that sounds silly, BUT 1 year and 9 months ago I was paralyzed from the waist down.

I am now able to walk – albeit differently since I have limited to no feeling below my waist and minimal control over my left ankle and toes.

However, I have been stuck in sneakers to ensure my balance and that they do not fall off my feet.

About 6 months ago I was able to wear 2 pairs of my flats without walking out of them or tripping. I did have to uncurl my toes by sliding my fingers under my foot before putting my heel in the shoe, but it was progress.

So Tuesday evening, I not only had enough energy to walk around DSW, but the desire to try to slip my foot into a flat.

By this I mean that I WANTED to try and wedge my foot into shoes while adjusting my toes – huffing – puffing – straining – sweating – in public. A place where everyone sees a woman who looks ‘normal’ but is clearly struggling for no apparent reason.

It was liberating and exciting. I was FINALLY able to  not care (much) what people saw me struggle (thankfully not many since it was closer to 7 pm) and what they were thinking.

I found an adorable pair of flats.

I FELT normal. (yes family, I know I am was never ‘normal’ no need to remind me)

It felt so good. It is crazy how something so simple and make you feel so incredible.

I did it.

It happened.

4 thoughts on “Savoring Shoes via Samsung Galaxy

  1. So proud of all you have accomplished! You are amazing! Take a good look at the first video we took and see just how much progress you have made. Love you!

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    1. Thank you! I watched that video a few days ago, it made me cry all over remembering how much I struggled. I cannot believe I have gotten this far. I love you too!


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