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Flyin High

So I have been an adrenaline junkie for most of my life. I love living on the edge – well, more so before I had a kid…now I try to find ‘safe’ thrills.

This weekend Wisconsin Aviation had an event where you could see an old war plane, ride in a B-17 or ride in a helicopter. We decided to do the helicopter ride because the B-17 was just shy of $500 a person – really cool but CRAZY expensive.

Taylor was sooooo excited!! I love seeing her overcome with emotion like this.


It was crazy the amount of wind the helicopter blades can make! As you can see we both ducked even though we are WAY TOO SHORT to need to do so…natural reflect when blades of fury are swirling above your head.

After we were all buckled in our clear  door-less helicopter we gracefully lifted off the ground. It was crazy how smooth the flight was. The whole flight Taylor kept say “wow” or “this is amazing!”

20170723_104801Here is a video of our liftoff. – Thank you Sir Nicholas for your photography and videography skills.

Taylor loved seeing all the ‘tiny houses’, ‘little cars’, and daddy looking like a grasshopper in his green shirt down below.



We also had a very smooth landing. It was crazy that there wasn’t a bump at touch down.

After our ride we got to tour this beast. It was a very HOT tin can…

Here is Taylor holding her ‘big gun’ with her smile and game face.

This was such a cool experience to share with Taylor. I love moments like this. I can’t wait for many more! Especially when she gets a little taller…which may take a while. Hang-gliding is next on our list!